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As a kindness to our ministry and the people we serve, my friend, President, and Founder of the Foundation for Magnetic Sciences, Peter Kulish, is extending a special price for the BiomagScience Wellness Kit of only $99.

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This kit contains everything you need to begin using the Biomagnets for health and pain management:

  • 12 Super Biomagnets in Three Sizes:
  • 6 Certified Power Wafers: Pain Relief, Daytime, Nighttime, and Circuit Therapy
  • 4 Certified Regular Biomagnets: Meridian Energizing, Primary Circuit Therapy
  • 2 Water Jar Energizers: Bio-Energized Structured Water for Home and Travel.
  • BiomagScience® Activated Oxygen: increased energy, illness, and external emergencies [such as burns, cuts, poison ivy/oak]. Literally, Energy in a Bottle.
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • General Therapy Brochure: for immediate pain relief, increased energy, vitality, and maintaining wellness
  • Pictorial Guide
  • Separate “Baby Steps” Protocol Therapy Sheet: For those who have been chronically ill (long-term) with EHS EMF or with Malabsorption, EMF or Chemical Sensitivity, Lyme’s or other illnesses/diseases that may have occurred from EMF/chemicals/mold or chronic illness such as Lyme’s, long haul symptoms, or other illness/disease.
  • The New 2nd Edition of Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism book: The only therapy book of its kind to provide complete, step-by-step therapies to help resolve over 180 A-Z, simple to complex conditions.
  • Roll of Self-Grip Ace-Type Bandage

Below are just a few of the dozens of amazing reviews Peter has received from people around the world who have utilized this Biomagnet therapy by using the BiomagScience Wellness Kit and achieved incredible results. You can find many, many more on the BiomagScience site:

Doctor Uses Wellness Kit for Over 8 Years:

I first began using the BioMag system when I had to work with many other surgeons in curing my son with CRMO, Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis. I ordered 2 sets for immediate use, and since then used them for various issues and referred many patients.

I came upon your site through Dr. Tom Levy and the BioAlgae Superfood professionals who provided BSF 3 for my son for 4 years, while he fought, and won, with the help of the Lord.

IV C I used at home, BSF, and 2 magnet kits constantly through his long 6-year battle with bone pain, healing bones from surgery, using the magnets for pain, and controlling inflammation for healing.

I also used them for a hand burn on myself the night of the burn, and after overnight use, the area of my thumb, first finger, and upper hand was calm and pain-free.

I have been using your Wellness Kit for over 8 years now and have bought kits for others as well. I used it as part of my protocols to heal myself naturally of cancer along with juicing and detoxification.I love the benefits I receive from the kit regularly from small issues like colds to large issues like injuries and I love talking to other people about it. Thank you for your findings and dedication to this research as it has made amazing advancements in my health and vitality. (Karen A. MD, January 2019).

TMJ Pain Relief:

TMJ was so severe.. the pain was radiating throughout the right side of my face… difficult to eat, chew, talk, or sing… taking painkillers… The [Power Wafer] magnets relieved the pain.. the TMJ went away completely.. Amazing.. I’m so happy.

I had Coronary Thrombosis but couldn’t afford the operation. After using the BiomagScience BioMagnets for six months my heart was healed. I had two astonished practitioners confirm this. Now I walk long distances without a cane. Amazingly, the BioMagnets also got rid of my arthritis. (A.A.)

Pain Relief from Torn Meniscus:

Suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee…doctor prescribed narcotics for the pain and surgery. Got my magnets and instructions on Thursday. Put a magnetic circuit on right away… went about walking the dogs. Well, I just can’t believe it, today, Friday, the pain is gone!!! You have given me hope again that I might not lose my livelihood nor need the surgery and I have stopped the painkillers. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful product and your help. (S.L.)

Crushed both knees and splintered both legs to the ankles. Doc said physiotherapy would start in 10 months and probably walking in 12. Put magnets down front and back on proper meridians, walked normally in 3 months with no painkillers. (T.W.)

Thank You Forever:

For more than 5 years I suffered tremendous pain all over my body; nothing helped. I bought this [Wellness Kit, Conquer Pain] book years ago and only last week after giving up on trying any kind of treatment including other medical magnet modalities, I thought I’d give it a chance.

I read the book and applied the instructions in the book and the magnets in the Wellness Kit … Wahoo! In two sessions I am already 80%. 

I feel much better; do yourself and your beloved one a favor and use the Wellness Kit!
Thank you forever!  (A.V.)

Back Pain Relief

Since 2017 my family and I have used your biomagnets and have obtained relief from back pain. knee pain, spinal pain, and other applications for which we have used them including gut issues, eye problems, headaches, etc. The magnets and therapies are very good I must say, thanks for taking the time to do research and provide healing to users of your kits. (R.P., Australia)

I was in a coma, dying from pancreatitis. Horrified, my son asked the doctor if he could try Advanced BioMagnetic Therapy. The doctor said, “Try anything you want.” Biomagnets were applied and within 2 days I regained consciousness. It’s been over a year since. I’m alive, happy, and very healthy, and continue to use BioMagnets to maintain my vitality. (G., S.B., CA)

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