Hello! I’m Jim Richards.

For almost fifty years, I’ve trained and consulted with leaders in ministry, business, and politics! I currently train and work with ministry leaders around the world. Most of my ministry has been dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission (making disciples of all believers).

Please consider this as your invitation to my Personal Mentoring Program: Ultimate Impact!

About this workshop

Without self-control, a great life, a happy marriage, and a meaningful relationship can all be destroyed in one moment, with one word, or one action driven by an impulse!!

The Book of James teaches: the tongue is like the rudder on a ship. Without self-control, we are like a ship in a storm without a rudder – driven by the winds of circumstance and the waves of emotion. 

A person without self-control is never free to choose and follow the path they desire; they are at the mercy of circumstances!

When considering self-control, there is a tendency to think of it as willpower, determination, and personal strength. It is this false perception that causes us to fail at self-control. These are all attributes of the flesh. When we rely on our own strength, we neutralize the power of God that makes us able to live in our new identity!

It all starts with You!

Here are just a few Biblical benefits of allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest self-control in our lives:

  • The ability to recognize and immediately stop out-of-control responses to insults and offenses
  • Recognize and repel attacks from people and situations
  • Maintain emotional boundaries and stability
  • No longer be drawn into Satan’s tactics
  • Put an end to irrational, emotional outbursts
  • We can discover the wisdom of God in any situation
  • Choose and follow the course God is leading for your life
  • Stop hurting the ones you love in a moment of anger
  • Put an end to addictive behavior and tendencies
  • Make wise decisions about physical and emotional health
  • Follow through on goals and resolutions

In this powerful online Life Transformation Workshop you will:

  • Awaken your connection to Christ in you!
  • Develop a deeper awareness of your new righteous nature in Christ!
  • Establish self-control that emerges from the beliefs of your heart!
  • Establish a more profound sense of dignity and worth!
  • Activate your spiritual capacity to choose the desired emotions and behaviors, and immediately experience the power of God!
  • Realize the power of patience in dealing with yourself and others!
  • Plus much, much more…

About Ultimate Impact

For centuries, spiritual leaders have felt that they should present a façade of perfection under the misguided belief that it would inspire believers to trust them. Dr. Jim does not share that belief.

I created Ultimate Impact so I could coach and mentor believers who refuse to remain stuck in their failures or limitations. I want to inspire and equip believers to a life without limits.

“I think the façade of perfection discourages the average believer, causing them to disqualify themselves from the promises of God. I have faced and conquered life-threatening diseases, financial ruin, destructive life decisions and much more. I’m not a leader because I’ve always gotten it right; I’m a leader because I know the way out!

There are no perfect people, but there are overcomers. An overcomer is a person who faces a challenge and overcomes. It doesn’t matter if the challenge you face is of your own making or something over which you have no control; in either case, Jesus has made a way for you to have a life at its best (abundantly). I want to help you enjoy the life for which He paid such an incredible price!

The word “inspire,” actually comes from the term “in Spirit.” What we call inspiration is very often when we have an awakening to all the possibilities we have in God! What begins as inspiration that turns into imagination is a form of Biblical meditation. We imagine what our lives could be like if we were really experiencing the promises of God!

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to connect with God in a deeper way, experience healing in relationships, receive job opportunities that you enjoy, break through financial limitations, live in vibrant health and energy. Imagining the promises of God, through Jesus, is the pathway to limitless living. Imagining bad outcomes of hardship and limitation is a vain imagination!

If you want to live the best quality of life possible, I will help equip you. I will share the Biblical realities I trusted and applied to walk out of pain, suffering, and heartache.

Ultimate Impact is a Biblically-based mentoring program for believers, serious about taking hold of the life Jesus died to give to all! 

Every week:

you will participate in a live group mentoring with Dr. Jim

teachings are broken down into small, incremental steps

the Word of God will become practical

you will grow in your insights and understanding

You will participate in a private group where it’s safe to:

Ask questions

Share your successes and challenges with others

Witness the testimonies of believers making the same journey

Reach out to a Heart Physics® Coach

Provide your input when requested for special events

Our students say it best

About Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim combines spirituality, energy medicine, scientific concepts, and human intuition into a philosophical approach that aligns spirit, soul, and body, resulting in incredible health, emotional, financial, and spiritual breakthroughs.

He holds four advanced degrees in Theology, Alternative Medicine, Human Behavior, and World Evangelism. This training, plus nearly a half-century of personal ministry, counseling, pastoring, coaching, teaching, consulting, and motivational speaking gives him the ability to communicate very complicated issues in the most practical, easy to understand manner. 

Dr. Jim is also an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses ranging from contracting to real estate to marketing. As a national best-selling author, Dr. Jim Richards has written several books that have sold several million copies around the world.

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