Heaven on Earth

One of the greatest mysteries of the New Covenant is that of the Kingdom! When Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God, the average Hebrew listener’s thoughts went to the Garden of Eden.  When He spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, they would think of all the provision God prepared for man in the Garden. They understood that living in the Garden with all its provision was the fruit of being connected to God!

Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom has been widely misunderstood. The majority of theologians thought the Kingdom was a reference to salvation, which resulted in an interpretation of salvation by works. But Jesus was very clearly talking about a realm we enter into in our hearts.

In the Kingdom, we:

  • Live in a constant state of tranquility
  • Have peace because all God’s resources are available to us
  • Are safe and protected by God
  • Can be as God has provided in all areas
  • Have a joy that is not based on circumstances

A Mystery of God is something that is:

  • Entered into by choice
  • Evident to all who have no agenda
  • Hidden in plain sight
  • Continuously growing as we apply what we know

The greatest mystery of the Kingdom is how to use the keys to the Kingdom. Jesus’ instructions about how to use the keys to the Kingdom stand in direct opposition to all we have been taught about receiving from God.

This incredible book is a combination of sound theological truths and practical application that will show you how to enter into and live in the realm called the Kingdom of God. It will lead you through how to access all of God’s resources for your every need! It will show you how to open the door to every blessing and close the door to every curse!

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